Student Assessment Correspondence with Districts 2009–2010

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Below are letters and broadcast emails sent to all districts regarding the Texas Assessment Program.  To view the correspondence for another school year, visit the Correspondence with Districts webpage


07/01/10Expedited Waiver Related to the Timeline for New Accelerated Instruction Requirements under the Student Success Initiative
06/23/10Approved Substitute Assessments for the Student Success Initiative
06/22/10Updates to the 2010–2011 Testing Calendar
06/22/10New Assessment Management Website Starting in 2010–2011 School Year
04/21/10Modifications to Streamline TELPAS Rater Training for 2010-2011 
Attachment A: 2010-2011 TELPAS Holistic Rating Training
Attachment B: Spring TELPAS Holistic Rating Training Flow Chart
04/19/10New testing and accelerated instruction requirements under the Student Success Initiative
04/19/10End-of-Course (EOC) Assessment Reference Materials 
04/19/10Clarification regarding TETN scheduled for May 26, 2010 
04/15/10Two Surveys on Effectiveness of Testing Accommodations Now Available 
04/12/10Important Reminders and Updates for Upcoming 2010 April and May Administrations
03/23/10Student Assessment Program Reporting Updates for 2010 
03/02/10New Reporting Format for Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) Item Analysis Data 
02/26/10Updates on Assessment Provisions for Asylees and Refugees 
02/23/10TAKS–M Writing/ELA Test Administration Manuals
01/11/10Launch of the Web-based Test Administrator Training Modules 
01/08/10 Private and Home Schools Spring TAKS, TAKS-M, and TELPAS Test Availability 
10/01/09Assignments for 2009–2010 Field Testing and Related Assessment Activities 
09/28/09Confidential Projection Reports—Texas Projection Measure 
09/18/09Student Assessment Program Updates for 2009–2010  |  Attachment
09/02/09Field Testing and Related Activities for the Texas Assessment Program  |  Attachment
08/24/09Exit Level Retests for Examinees for Whom TAAS is the Graduation Requirement