Program Evaluation Unit

TEA's Program Evaluation Unit in the Division of Evaluation, Analysis, and Planning is responsible for evaluating state and federally funded grant programs.

Mission Statement

The Program Evaluation Unit employs quantitative and qualitative research methods to assess the implementation and effectiveness of key state and federal grant programs. Evaluation results are used to inform policymakers and stakeholders' decisions regarding the best strategies for improving student achievement outcomes.

Program Evaluation Goals

  • To present descriptive data related to the specifics of individual grant programs (e.g., number of students served, number of teachers trained, degree to which various aspects of the programs were implemented at project sites, etc.) to provide system stakeholders with a clear understanding of the reach and scope of the programs
  • To determine the impact of a particular program on student achievement results and other key program outcomes (e.g., comparing student outcome results, such as standardized test scores, from grant-funded schools to a similar group of schools that did not receive funding through the program)
  • To determine which programmatic aspects of a specific grant program or initiative had the most influence on improving student achievement results and other applicable program outcomes, to provide program administrators and policymakers with information about promising practices observed in the programs under review
  • To effectively disseminate program evaluation findings to policymakers, to practitioners in the field, to the public, and to TEA program staff, in order to assist with the continuous improvement of existing programs, the development of new programs, and the efficient implementation of education initiatives

Intended Audience

  • The schools districts and charter schools funded under these programs
  • Schools not funded for the program that can benefit from the results to improve existing programs or design new programs
  • System stakeholders and policymakers who can use these studies to inform funding and program development decisions
  • Agency program staff in Texas and other states who can use these evaluation results to improve the design of education programs
  • The general public

Program Evaluation Reports

Published evaluation results of past and current grant programs are organized by content area. Although the full reports are large, a separate link is provided to download just the executive summary. These reports are conducted by researchers from the Program Evaluation Unit of TEA's Division of Evaluation, Analysis, and Planning or by third-party evaluators contracted through the agency. To go to the reports, click on the following links:


Contact Information

For questions or comments, please email the Texas Education Agency Subdivision of Evaluation Activities or contact by phone at 512-463-1241.