Program Evaluation: Dropout Prevention

Texas Dropout Recovery Pilot Program (TDRPP)

TDRPP is designed to identify and recruit students who have already dropped out of Texas public schools and provide them with services to enable them to earn a high school diploma or demonstrate college readiness launched in Summer 2008.  Please see TEA's TDRPP page for additional information.

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Communities In Schools (CIS) of Texas

CIS uses a case management model to provide services to at-risk students to help them achieve the following:  1) stay in school; 2)improve academically; 3) increase the rate of school attendance; 4) decrease behavioral problems; 5) advance from one grade to the next; and 6) graduate or obtain a GED. Case management may involve direct provision of services to students or linking students with agencies and programs that meet their needs. Students served by CIS may also receive services not provided or coordinated by CIS. Please go to TEA's CIS page to learn more about CIS.

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Texas School Dropout Prevention and Reentry Program (TSDPRP)

TSDPRP was designed to develop, implement, and evaluate a dropout prevention and reentry program. TSDPRP evolved from a federal grant for $2.5 million that TEA received to develop, implement and evaluate a dropout prevention and reentry program. 

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Collaborative Dropout Reduction Pilot Program (Collaborative)

The Collaborative Dropout Reduction program was created to encourage school partnerships with multiple community stakeholders to increase the number of students completing high school. Goals of the program include reducing the number of students who drop out of school and increasing the job skills, employment opportunities, and continuing education opportunities of students who might otherwise have dropped out of school.  Additional information about this program can be found at TEA's Collaborative Dropout Reduction page

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Texas Grants to Reduce Academic Dropouts

Texas Grants to Reduce Academic Dropouts provided funding for high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools to establish programs that will result in a greater number of students attaining a comprehensive base of knowledge and skills and earning a high school diploma. The grant program was in effect from February 2004 through February 2006.

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Texas Ninth Grade Transition and Intervention Program (TNGTI)

TNGTI is an intervention program designed to create summer transition and fall intervention programs for eighth grade students transitioning to high school launched in Summer 2009. Please see TEA's 9th Grade Transition and Intervention Program page  for additional information about this program.

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