Special Education Residential Facilities Intervention Guidance and Resources

The following documents are available to assist districts in conducting the required activities for Special Education Residential Facilities (RF). 

Resource and Guidance Documents

Select the links below for resource and guidance documents:

RF Monitoring Manual(PDF, 497KB)

Definition of RF for the Purposes of RF Monitoring (PDF, 120KB)

RF Guiding Principles (PDF, 39KB)

RF Tracker Guidance Document (PDF, 466KB) 

RF Tracker Helpful Hints (PDF, 86KB) 

District Leadership Team Participant (PDF, 569KB)  

Sampling Criteria for RF Monitoring (PDF, 83KB)

 SSDC (Excel, 29KB)

Focused Data Analysis 

Select the links below for focused data analysis documents:

FDA-Behavior/Discipline (PDF141KB)   

FDA-Certified/Qualified Staff (PDF, 120KB)   

FDA-Commensurate School Day (PDF, 144KB)   

FDA-Current Evaluation (PDF, 122KB)  

FDA-Educational Benefit (PDF, 159KB)  

FDA-Extended School Year Services (PDF, 121KB)  

FDA-Individualized Education (IEP) Implementation (PDF, 122KB) 

FDA-Least Restrictive Environment (PDF, 164KB)  

  FDA-Properly Constituted ARD (PDF, 122KB) 

FDA-Related Services (PDF, 165KB)  

FDA-State Assessment (PDF, 138KB)  

FDA-Surrogate/Foster Parents (PDF, 122KB)  

FDA-Transition Services (PDF, 139KB) 

System Analysis 

Select the links below for system analysis documents:

 System Analysis-Stage 1 (PDF, 152KB) 

 System Analysis-Stage 2 (PDF, 198KB) 

 System Analysis-Stage 3 (PDF, 221KB) 

 System Analysis Stage 4 (PDF, 221KB) 


Student Level Review

Select the link below for the student level review document:

Student Level Review (Excel, 115KB)