2019–2020 Texas Education for Homeless Children and Youth (TEHCY) Technical Assistance, Professional Development, and Support Grant Program

The purpose of the 2019–2020 TEHCY Technical Assistance, Professional Development, and Support grant program is to assist TEA with administration and implementation of the TEHCY program, including providing statewide technical assistance, creating and implementing professional development materials, and supporting priority agency initiatives in coordination with TEA program staff.

Grant Period

July 1, 2019, to August 31, 2020

Applications and Award

The following table links to scanned copies of all applications eligible for competitive review and indicates which applicant(s) are preliminarily selected to receive an award, pending successful completion of fiscal and programmatic review and negotiation.

Eligible Applications

Prelim. Award Selection

Region 10 Education Service Center


Region 13 Education Service Center 


Region 14 Education Service Center


Texas Network of Youth Services


Texas State University - San Marcos

University of Texas at Austin (Charles A. Dana Center)