Special Education Ad Hoc Reporting System

The Special Education Ad Hoc Reporting System (SPEARS) is a dynamic reporting tool designed for accessing and analyzing data related to Special Education in the state of Texas. The data is collected from school districts and charter schools by means of the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) and is provided as a service of TEA.

The following types of data are available:

  • Child Count
  • Instructional Setting
  • Disproportionality
  • Exit
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Extended School Year

The data provided through SPEARS can be used for:

  • public requests for state and region data;
  • getting more from the Academic Excellence Indicator System; and
  • regional accountability.

Originally, SPEARS was designed to provide statewide and regional reports to the general public. Recent guidance from the United States Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs and Family Policy Compliance Office required TEA to limit access to SPEARS to Texas Education Agency Login (TEAL) account holders. TEAL Account Holders include personnel at TEA, ESC, and school districts. These personnel may access confidential student level data SPEARS generates.

There are two different ways to apply for TEAL access to use SPEARS. Use the links below to request TEAL access or log in to SPEARS:

  1. Automated TEAL Form for those requesting access to a single district or region.
  2. Paper TEAL Form for those requesting access to multiple districts in a Shared Service Arrangement (SSA). 

Log in to SPEARS (TEAL account holders only)