Science of Teaching Reading (STR) Exam:

1. Who is required to take the STR Exam?
Candidates seeking certifications after January 1, 2021, in the following areas will need to take the STR:

  • EC-3
  • EC-6 core subjects
  • 4-8 core subjects
  • 4-8 ELAR
  • 4-8 ELAR/SS

2. Are Special Education certified teachers included in the requirement to take the STR exam?   
Currently, Special Education certified teachers are not required to take the STR exam. However, this is ultimately a State Board of Education decision.

3. Are alternatively certified teachers required to take the STR exam?
Yes, all candidates are required to meet the same requirements regardless of their teacher preparation program. 

4. How will ELAR section of the EC-6 Core subject test change once the STR test is in effect?
The ELAR section will remove standards found in STR to ensure that those standards are only assessed once.

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