ECE Support Cohorts

Support Cohort Overview: PK Assessment

The Early Childhood Education Division at the Texas Education Agency is partnering with Regional Early Childhood Education Support Specialist (RECESS) grantees to support districts, charters, and childcare providers in improving assessment practices in their prekindergarten programs through the nine-week ECE Support Cohort program. This is done by providing targeted, virtual technical assistance to groups of administrators, trainers, and coaches.

To sign up for this free technical assistance program focusing on prekindergarten program assessment, please complete this brief application.

If you have any questions about the program, please email Whitney Wallace.


Program Details

Target Audience

Any district, open enrollment charter, or childcare provider in the state is welcome to participate in this program. The content will be aimed specifically for district, program, or campus level administrators, trainers, and coaches.


Program Activities

Online Workshops

The kickoff workshop Includes a virtual program orientation, topic introductions, and LEA/Childcare Provider profile development (specific needs and wants using the High-Quality Prekindergarten Program Self-Assessment). The remaining online workshops (three of them, approximately every two weeks) provide information about different elements of the topic in order to equip participants with the knowledge needed to help them build their plans for the next school year. Also, there is some immediately-actionable guidance provided to allow participants to make changes to their ongoing activities. Each workshop will include a question and answer session to provide clarification and customization of the information for the participants.

Online Workshop Topics

Kick-Off Webinar

Webinar #1 – Types of Assessment

Webinar #2 – Using Data

Webinar #3 – State Requirements and Resources

Group Sharing Portal

To further enhance the sharing of knowledge and resources within each group, the group lead will facilitate a group sharing portal (such as a Facebook group or Google group) to allow the sharing of participant stories and experiences. Additionally, the group lead will answer topic-related questions posed by group members within the portal for the benefit of the entire group.


Program Schedule

The Early Childhood Education Support Cohorts will be offered at four separate points throughout the year.  Participants will choose the nine-week period that works best for them.

Cohort Options

01/13/20 – 03/13/20 - Led by Region Four ESC

01/13/20 – 03/13/20 – Led by United Way of Dallas


General Program Expectations for Participants

  • Complete the assessment section of the High-Quality Prekindergarten Program Self-Assessment (online) within one week of the kickoff workshop (pre-measure)
  • Participate in four webinars and the group sharing portal
  • Complete an end-of-program user satisfaction survey (online)
  • Develop a topic-specific plan (using the TEA-provided template) for the next school year
  • Complete the assessment section of the High-Quality Prekindergarten Program Self-Assessment (online) for the second time approximately six months after the end of the unit (post measure)