Early Childhood Data System

The Early Childhood Data System (ECDS) is a state-wide reporting feature of the Texas Student Data System (TSDS). The system includes the collection of both prekindergarten and kindergarten student data.

The purpose of ECDS is to better inform families, school administrators, educators, community stakeholders, and policy makers about the effectiveness of prekindergarten programs in preparing children for success in kindergarten under Texas Education Code (TEC) §29.161.

Data collected in ECDS:

  • Student demographics
  • Funding sources
  • Number half-day and full-day prekindergarten classes
  • Names of administered prekindergarten progress monitoring tools and kindergarten assessments
  • Prekindergarten progress monitoring tool (beginning of year and end of year) and kindergarten assessment results (beginning of year)
  • Name of prekindergarten curriculum
  • Prekindergarten class size/ratio
  • Family Engagement Plan
  • Additional teacher qualifications

By using a Prekindergarten Progress Monitoring Tool and Kindergarten Assessment:

  • Teachers have a comprehensive understanding of children's skills as they enter their classroom. They can use this information to refine teaching practices and curriculum to meet the individual needs of their students so that students have the greatest opportunity for success.
  • Families can become more engaged in their children's prekindergarten and kindergarten experience when they know more about their children's skills early in the year and can reinforce skill building at home. Children whose parents are involved in their education are more likely to succeed.
  • Teachers, principals and school administrators can focus training, professional development and resources in areas that will support student achievement.
  • Schools and early childhood programs can evaluate aggregate data to align expectations, curriculum, professional development and family involvement to best prepare students for kindergarten and beyond.
  • State policymakers can use aggregate longitudinal child outcome information to ensure that the state's educational system supports teachers, families and communities to maximize student achievement.


Why do we collect prekindergarten progress monitoring data? To evaluate academic growth in the areas of health and wellness, language and communication, emergent literacy – reading and writing, mathematics and physical development to assist families, educators, administrators, community stakeholders and policy makers with identification of strengths and opportunities to inform resource prioritization, classroom instruction and development of action plans.


Why do we collect beginning of year kindergarten data? The beginning of year kindergarten data can assist educators in multiple ways.  The data may inform Kindergarten classroom instruction and intervention in areas where gaps in learning are evident, inform development of strategies and targeted instruction for prekindergarten classroom, assist communities with development of action plans to provide support for young children and provide the Texas Education Agency with information needed to develop statewide supports for readiness.

Why should private prekindergarten programs participate in ECDS? Private providers are encouraged to participate in the ECDS to create stronger alignment and communication between early childhood stakeholders, identify strengths and opportunities for developing effective classroom instruction and support for students and identify effective practices to implement. Also, participating in ECDS can also build collaboration and access to resources provided by Regional Education Service Centers.

When do we assess prekindergarten and kindergarten students?

There are three time periods during the year when an assessment is recommended to be administered: Beginning-of-Year (BOY), Middle-of-Year (MOY), and End-of-Year (EOY). An LEA should refer to their assessment vendor for more specific assessment administration periods/times. Administration should be completed within an LEA determined window with all students in the classroom. The Early Childhood Education Division recommends the following timeframes for LEAs to follow:














Will district and charter schools have access to the results? Yes, TEA is providing state, district and campus level reports on prekindergarten and kindergarten programs and kindergarten readiness on the TPEIR webpage.

Reports Available in ECDS (internal only)

  • Kindergarten Assessment Completion (ESC, District and Campus-Level)
  • Kindergarten Assessment Summary (ESC, District and Campus-Level)
  • Kindergarten Assessment with Pre-K Sources (ESC, District and Campus-Level)
  • Kindergarten Data Submission
  • Kindergarten Incomplete Assessment Data
  • Prekindergarten Data Submission
  • Prekindergarten Completion (ESC, District and Campus-Level)
  • Prekindergarten Assessment Summary
  • Prekindergarten Missing Assessment Data

Reports Available in TPEIR (public facing)
Prekindergarten Report

  • State
  • District/Charter
  • Campus
  • Data Download

Public Kindergarten Programs and Kindergarten Readiness

  • State
  • District
  • Campus
  • Data Download

    Knowledge Base Articles in TSDS (TEAL Internal):
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  • TSDSKB-453 ECDS: General FAQ's for ECDS Private Pre-K
  • TSDSKB-449 ECDS: Loading Guide for ECDS 2016-17 Kindergarten Collection
  • TSDSKB-451 ECDS: Loading Guide for ECDS 2016-17 PUBLIC PRE-K (NO Assessment)
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  • TSDSKB-348 2016-17 Interchanges Created from the ECDS Worksheets
  • TSDSKB-345 Unique ID: LEA Requesting S-numbers to be Assigned
  • TSDSKB-458 KG/PK Assessment Matrix



To The Administrator Addressed Letter: Early Childhood Data System (ECDS) for Public Prekindergarten, High Quality Prekindergarten Grant Program, Private Prekindergarten Providers and Kindergarten Data

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