Texas Teachers Review, Assess, Develop, and Exchange (T-TRADE) Assessment Items

The T-TRADE initiative is an innovative, collaborative system for teachers to develop and share high-quality assessment items. In the 2020-2021 school year, the system is being developed as a pilot program for two courses: grade 5 mathematics and high school United States History Studies Since 1877.

Benefits of the T-TRADE System

  • Professional Development: Teachers are provided professional development training that will increase their understanding, proficiency, and confidence in developing high-quality, fair, and rigorous assessment items that inform and improve instruction.
  • Collaboration: Teachers collaborate to write, review, assess, and exchange high-quality assessment items   aligned to the TEKS.
  • CPE Credit and Stipends: Teachers who participate in the T-TRADE pilot will earn continuing professional education (CPE) credit and may qualify to receive a stipend.
  • Practical Use: T-TRADE assessment items will be made available for teachers to download and use in their local classroom assessments.
  • Expanded Use: T-TRADE assessment items that are of the highest quality will be field tested for possible use on state assessment

Overview of the T-Trade Process

The T-TRADE process begins with several modules of brief professional development training. After completing this training, teachers work at their own pace in an online environment to develop new items and to review and evaluate other items created by fellow teachers. Teachers can use T-TRADE items to build classroom quizzes and tests.

The authors of the highest-quality assessment items, as determined by professional and peer review, may qualify to receive a stipend. Items that are most highly rated will be field tested for possible use on state assessments.

The most highly rated item developers may be invited to serve on Development and Review Teams (DARTS). Members of these committees will receive stipends, serve for multi-year terms, and develop and review items for field testing and possible inclusion on local and state assessments.

How Teachers Can Apply to Participate in the T-TRADE Pilot

TEA is now accepting applications from Texas teachers of grade 5 mathematics and high school United States history who wish to participate in the T-TRADE pilot in winter/spring 2021. Applicants are encouraged to apply by December 2020.  

A link is provided below to the general application that TEA uses to form educator committees. In the "Committee Preferences" section at the end of the application, select "T-TRADE Assessment Items Development."

TEA Committee Educator Application

Contact Information

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