Curriculum Division

The Curriculum Division provides state-level support, information and non-regulatory guidance to school administrators, teachers, counselors, parents, and students about general curriculum laws and rules, particularly with respect to graduation requirements, options for offering courses, and the award of credit.

The division is responsible for supporting development and implementation of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills in the foundation curriculum (English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies) and the enrichment curriculum (career and technical education, fine arts, health education, languages other than English, physical education, and technology applications).

Required Curriculum 

School districts and charter school must provide instruction in the essential knowledge and skills of the appropriate grade levels in the foundation curriculum and enrichment curriculum.

Foundation Curriculum

English Language Arts and Reading
Social Studies

Enrichment Curriculum

Career and Technical Education
Fine Arts
Health Education
Languages other than English (LOTE)
Physical Education (PE)
Technology Applications  

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Curriculum Newsletters

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