CTE Crosswalks

Career and Technical Education  

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills  

The course crosswalks show the correlation between the 2010 adopted TEKS currently in use and the new 2015 adopted TEKS that will be implemented in 2017-2018.

19 TAC Chapter 127 Career Development and Chapter 130 Career and Technical Education 
This course crosswalk includes all courses from Chapter 127 Career Development and Chapter 130 Career and Technical Education (PDF, 530KB)

The following course crosswalks are for individual subchapters:

19 TAC Chapter 127 Career Development  

Subchapter A. Middle School and Subchapter B. High School (PDF, 183KB)

19 TAC Chapter 130 Career and Technical Education

Subchapter A. Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (PDF, 199KB)

Subchapter B. Architecture and Construction (PDF, 193KB)

Subchapter C. Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications (PDF, 197KB)

Subchapter D. Business Management and Administration (PDF, 186KB)

Subchapter E. Education and Training (PDF, 180KB)

Subchapter F. Finance (PDF, 179KB)

Subchapter G. Government and Public Administration (PDF, 184KB)

Subchapter H. Health Science (PDF, 185KB)

Subchapter I. Hospitality and Tourism (PDF, 184KB)

Subchapter J. Human Services (PDF, 185KB)

Subchapter K. Information Technology (PDF, 186KB)

Subchapter L. Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security (PDF, 184KB)

Subchapter M. Manufacturing (PDF, 100KB)

Subchapter N. Marketing (PDF, 183KB)

Subchapter O. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (PDF, 187KB)

Subchapter P. Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics (PDF, 191KB)