SBOE begins new term

Seven State Board of Education members began new terms of office on Jan. 28 as Sen. Larry Taylor, chair of the Senate Education Committee, administered the ceremonial oath of office.

Returning members, who were re-elected in November, are Brownsville businessman Ruben Cortez, Jr.; Converse education administrator Marisa Perez-Diaz; Houston educator Lawrence Allen, Jr.; and retired Fort Worth educator Pat Hardy.

New members joining the board are Friendswood urologist Matt Robinson; Fairview businesswoman Pam Little; and Dallas educator Aicha Davis.

About half of the board is elected each general election cycle.

The board re-elected Amarillo attorney Marty Rowley as board vice chair and elected El Paso educator Georgina Pérez as board secretary.

The three officers then made the following committee assignments based on members’ preferences and seniority. Each committee elected a chair and the chair appointed a vice chair.

Committee on Instruction
Sue Melton-Malone of Robinson - chair
Pam Little of Fairview – vice chair
Aicha Davis of Dallas
Georgina Pérez of El Paso
Marty Rowley of Amarillo

Committee on School Finance/Permanent School Fund
Tom Maynard of Florence - chair
Lawrence Allen Jr. of Houston – vice chair
Donna Bahorich of Houston
Pat Hardy of Fort Worth
Ken Mercer of San Antonio

Committee on School Initiatives
Barbara Cargill of Conroe - chair
Marisa Perez-Diaz of San Antonio – vice chair
Ruben Cortez, Jr. of Brownsville
Keven Ellis of Lufkin
Matt Robinson of Friendswood

The next meeting of the board is April 2-5.