Community Art Club

East Chambers ISD Art Class


First-year teacher Micky Mitchell joined the East Chambers ISD Buccaneers in the fall of 2016 with the hopes of growing the district’s minimal art program. "I saw a need, a place to help, and I took the chance to try something different and inspire my students," she said. 

Mrs. Mitchell hit the ground running, starting a diverse art program for both the district’s middle and high school. She also started an after-school Art Club that not only produces works of art, but assists other groups in creating posters, banners, decorations and any other school-based or community-based project that is needed.

"I know how I felt in school – socially awkward, not really interested in athletics and not devoted enough in academics to pursue UIL. That didn't leave a lot of places for a creative like me,” said Mitchell. “I wanted to create that place in my class – somewhere where kids could feel like they could try new things without being mocked, find inspiration, or even help one another when they struggled with something, art or otherwise."

Both the middle and high schools and the East Chambers Education Foundation supported Mrs. Mitchell’s goals and gifted the art program enough funds to purchase better quality painting supplies and easels. Mrs. Mitchell's first year proved so successful she expects a 50 percent growth in this year's art program and in the Art Club and has planned new projects, like a beginner’s blacksmithing class at Spindletop and a free printmaking seminar for Art Club students through the Lamar University Art Department. "I want to create a cycle of students who feel like they have a place right here, at home, at East Chambers ISD.   #IAmTXEd