Civil War Claymation

 Civil War History Claymation

History teachers face many challenges – like finding a way to incorporate technology and art into history projects. School of Science and Technology – Corpus Christi history teacher Ashton Moff challenged herself and found a way to stimulate the love of history in her classroom.

“As a Texas History teacher, it’s important for me to keep my students interested and foster a love of learning about their history and culture, as well as find new ways to challenge them by incorporating STEM ideas and projects during the year,” said Moff. Always brainstorming ways to go above and beyond the textbook, lectures and workbooks, Moff had her students create a clay-mation video for an upcoming STEM festival.

Groups of students conducted research and created outstanding projects that showcased creativity and technology skills. Beyond producing the clay-mation video, students created a display board presenting their research and how they navigated the clay-mation process.

“My students really rose to the occasion and mastered the project,” said Moff. “I could not have been more proud of them. It is important to our campus community as a STEM-designated school to show students that STEM transcends the math and sciences and can be part of all of our subjects and our daily lives.” #IAmTXEd @sstcc