Beyond Basics


The Texas Education Agency stands in solidarity with each of our students, educators, administrators and staff who are dealing with the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey. As we publish this week’s special #IAmTXEd story, we would like to thank everyone who has inquired about helping our districts rebuild. This week, and every week, #WeAreTXEd.

While those who escaped Hurricane Harvey’s ravages have reason to be thankful, there are those like Judson ISD teacher Marcie Stowell who have turned that gratitude into action. Via her social media contacts with nearby Madison High School of North East ISD in San Antonio, Stowell learned about a sports equipment drive for some Southeast Texas students whose facilities and resources have been decimated. “We do have a very giving community here who shares from their heart,” says Stowell.

Stowell knows full well that to restore a sense of normalcy for students coping with extraordinary circumstances, you need to go beyond providing the basics like clothing and food. In that spirit, Stowell linked up with Judson ISD colleagues Joe Perez and Darrell Bass to try to help schools like Refugio High School, whose small town and district north of Corpus Christi was heavily impacted, with other needed supplies that stretch beyond the basics.

As part of the drive, community members have been asked to provide any new or used sporting items, such as cleats, pads and baseball gloves. “We are looking for any kind of equipment that can be used to help kids stay engaged with their school and help them physically and emotionally get through this catastrophe,” says Stowell.

At this time, the drive’s timeline is open-ended to provide community members and businesses the opportunity to make significant contributions to the effort. Stowell says the response has been great so far: “This is a way we can get involved and help.” #IAmTXEd #JudsonStrong Judson ISD Refugio ISD