Mastering culinary arts from a distance

Culinary arts teacher, Matthew Denman from Allen ISD is an excellent example of how, during COVID-19, educators across the state effectively engaged their students and parents through video and social media. So many took learning beyond the classroom…and in this case, into the kitchen!
“The challenge for me was to find a way to recreate the direct instruction my students would get while making a dish and working in the restaurant at school,” said Chef Denman. “The best way I could do this was to make instructional cooking videos.” 
Chef Denman’s videos not only introduced students to useful cooking techniques, but also to a new vocabulary while they learned the science behind cooking. In one video, he walked his students through the steps of preparing a traditional French Omelette.  
“It was important for us to remember that these kids were doing something they had never had to do before [with remote instruction],” he shared. “By creating instructional cooking videos, I was able to walk each student through the preparation of each dish.”  
Even though Chef Denman wasn’t physically able to help his students in the classroom, he still celebrated their successes from afar; and to their credit, they cooked up plenty of wins. 
“Whether it was a student remembering all the steps to a dish, or a student simply cleaning and sanitizing correctly on their own, seeing that ‘AHA!’ moment was, and is, the most rewarding aspect of teaching,” said Chef Denman. “Also, seeing my students making great tasting food is a definite plus, too!”
Visit, if you would like to learn how to make Chef Denman’s French Omelette.