Creating Meaningful Learning Experiences


Veteran Valley View ISD teacher Sonia Lopez Tapia goes above and beyond to create meaningful learning experiences for her third grade students every day at Lucas Elementary School.

Dr. Rosemarie Gomez, principal of Lucas Elementary, says Lopez Tapia is a master at tailoring her lessons to the needs of her students, truly demonstrating what personalized learning looks like. She is aware of the developmental stages and needs of students and incorporates those needs while designing her lessons. Lopez Tapia has spent many hours customizing the lessons to meet the needs of both her students and her teaching style. She is willing to coach others and share her work.

“There is never a wasted moment in Sonia's classroom,” Gomez says. Students are engaged and enjoying their work. During our Intervention and Enrichment time, Sonia uses station rotations and flexible grouping to meet the needs of her students. Her enrichment groups are often engaged in their own research projects as they dive deeper into the content.

And the same courtesy is extended to her colleagues. “When I need a grade-level representative to serve on a district-level committee, I can count on Sonia to reach out and give of her time and expertise,” says Gomez.

Sonia also displays her leadership in her grade-level teacher-based team meetings. She comes prepared to the meetings, having already analyzed how her students performed. Her student growth data consistently demonstrates that her teaching is effective with all students and that her students demonstrate more than a year of growth.

“Additionally, her students and parents love her,” Gomez says. “Mrs. Lopez Tapia inspires both the staff and students at Lucas Elementary with her energy, passion and dedication to the teaching profession.” #IAmTXEd