November 2019 Committee on School Initiatives Item 1

Open-Enrollment Charter School Application Update

November 14, 2019


SUMMARY:  The director of the Division of Charter School Administration will present to the Committee on School Initiatives any updates on the Generation Twenty-Five Open-Enrollment Charter School Application process.
STATUTORY AUTHORITY: Texas Education Code (TEC), §12.110.

TEC, §12.110 describes the charter school application process.

The full text of statutory citations can be found in the statutory authority section of this agenda.

FUTURE ACTION EXPECTED: In 2020 the committee and board will have an opportunity to review and take action or no action on the commissioner’s list of proposed Generation Twenty-Five Subchapter D Open-Enrollment Charter Schools scheduled to open in school year 2021-2022. 

BACKGROUND INFORMATION AND JUSTIFICATION:  The State Board of Education is engaged in an ongoing effort to remain abreast of the evolving state-educational landscape and to prepare to address areas that are within its jurisdiction.  To that end this item is for discussion of updates pertaining to the Generation Twenty-Five application, which will be due in January 2020. 

Staff Members Responsible:
Kelvey Oeser, Deputy Commissioner, Educator and Systems Support
Joe Siedlecki, Associate Commissioner, Charters and Innovations    
Heather Mauzé, Director, Charter School Administration

Separate Exhibit:     Generation Twenty-Five Open-Enrollment Charter Application