Legislatively Required Posting

Internal Audit Annual Report

Texas Government Code Section 2102.015 requires state agencies to post on their websites the agency’s current fiscal year’s Internal Audit Annual Report that is submitted to the State Auditor’s Office, Governor’s Office, Legislative Budget Board, and the Sunset Advisory Commission by November 1 of each year.

Texas Education Agency 2019 fiscal year approved audit plan is included in the 2018 Internal Audit Annual Report along with other information concerning Internal Audit activities. The Internal Audit Annual Report follows the State Auditor’s Office guidelines for reporting internal audit information.

2018 TEA Internal Audit Annual Report (PDF)

TEA Check Register

 The information for fiscal 2018 was last updated September 10, 2018

The following links take you to pages detailing specific TEA payments to various businesses, individuals, and school districts for the fiscal years shown.

FY09 | FY10 | FY11 | FY12 | FY13 | FY14 | FY15 | FY16 | FY17 | FY18

Contact TEA Accounting at (512) 463-9189 if you have questions concerning this information.

TEA Payment Report

Special Investigations Unit Investigation Procedures

View the procedures for investigations of school districts and charter schools conducted by the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) pursuant to Texas Education Code (TEC) §§ 39.057 and 39.058.