District-Level Dropout Prevention Strategy Plans


House Bill 2237, 80th Texas Legislature (2007) added Section 29.918 to the Texas Education Code.  This section requires school districts and open-enrollment charter schools with high dropout rates, as identified by the commissioner, to submit a plan no later than December 1 of each school year that identifies how the district or charter school will use its state compensatory education allotment and high school allotment for developing and implementing research-based strategies for dropout prevention for the following school year. 


Previously, the requirement for a district to submit a Dropout Prevention Plan was based on the Grade 7-12 Annual Dropout Rate. In 2009, the requirements for a Dropout Prevention Plan were aligned with requirements under the state accountability plan. Districts identified as Academically Unacceptable due to Completion Rate or Annual Dropout Rate will be considered to have met the requirement to submit a Dropout Prevention Plan under TEC §29.918 through the required submission of the School Improvement Plan (SIP) or the Student Achievement Improvement Plan (SAIP) to the agency.  

Applicant Information

Texas Education Code §29.918, Subsection (b) ensures that:

  • A school district or charter school may not spend or obligate more than 25% of the district’s or charter school’s compensatory education allotment and high school allotment unless the commissioner approves the submitted plan.
  • The commissioner shall complete a review of the submitted plan no later than March 1 of the school year preceding the school year in which the school district or charter school will receive the compensatory education allotment or high school allotment to which the plan applies.
  • The commissioner is given the authority to impose sanctions under TEC §39.131 or TEC §39.1321 if a school district or open-enrollment charter school fails to comply with this requirement in a timely manner.  

The School Improvement Plan and Student Achievement Improvement Plan are developed using a focused data analysis. Templates for the plan are located on the TEA division of Accountability Monitoring. These plans utilize targeted interventions based on the dropout prevention strategies used in the 2008 Dropout Prevention Plans. Both plans also address the use of high school allotment and compensatory education funds to support these strategies. The agency will review these plans for compliance with TEC §29.918 and notify districts that are not in compliance with the plans by March 1, 2010.

Funding Information

There is no additional funding awarded to districts and open-enrollment charter schools that are required to submit a Dropout Prevention Strategy Plan. The funding for the strategies proposed in the plan are based on the Compensatory Education and High School Allotment that the district or charter school is scheduled to receive in the next school year. School District State Aid Reports are available from TEA School Finance Web site.

Laws and Rules

  • Texas Education Code §29.918
  • Texas Administrative Code §89.1701



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