Community Partnerships

Community Partnerships  

The Community Partnerships initiative is a new program launched by TEA to focus on increasing academic achievement in the most struggling communities in the state of Texas. Through the Community Partnerships initiative, participating schools must implement a comprehensive support program by leveraging academic, community, and governmental supports. This initiative will provide technical assistance and financial support to communities for wrap-around and holistic services. Participating schools will work with technical assistance providers to identify other community organizations that will help plan and implement innovative and educationally sound ideas that contribute to the achievement and the well-being of students in the schools and the community.

TEA has outlined four implementation models that communities can select from as part of the Community Partnerships initiative. Districts may seek to improve student achievement outcomes by focusing on grade band improvements, feeder pattern improvements, increasing access to programs by utilizing unused space, or developing an innovative approach for improving achievement. These implementation models are aligned with a predetermined set of achievement measures that much be accomplished to be considered a successful program. Schools and community partners have the flexibility to determine how outcomes will be achieved through different partnership strategies and approaches.

2018-2019 Community Partnerships 

Community Partnerships 2018-19 Planning Phase Grantees

Eight grantees were awarded $350,000 planning phase grants to implement the community partnerships initiative. The following school districts and charter schools will join Community Partnerships in the Planning Phase of the grants initiative:

Austin ISD: Reagan Early College HS, Webb Middle School, Dobie Middle School, Pickle Elementary, Hart Elementary, Barrington Elementary, Webb Primary School, Brown Elementary

Dallas ISD: Young Men’s Leadership Academy at Florence Middle School

Houston ISD: Worthing HS, Thomas Middle School, Mading Elementary, Kashmere HS, Key Middle School, Cook Jr. Elementary, Wheatley HS, Fleming MS, Dogan Elementary

Ft. Worth ISD: Pate Elementary, Moss Elementary, Davis Elementary, Beal Elementary, Sunrise-McMillan Elementary,

Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD: Ramirez Elementary, Palacios Elementary, Garza-Pena Elementary, Guerra Elementary

Sanger ISD: Butterfield Elementary, Chisholm Trail Elementary

South San Antonio ISD: Armstrong Elementary, Benavidez Elementary, Carrillo Elementary, Five Palms Elementary, Madla Elementary, Kindred Elementary, Hutchins Elementary, Palo Alto Elementary, Price Elementary

Promesa Public Schools: East Austin College Prep at Southwest Key, East Austin College Prep at MLK


Grant Letters of Interests Due

TEA released a Request for Letters of Interest for Community Partnerships Grants through a To The Administrator Addressed (TAA) letter on April 6, 2018.  This TAA letter represents the invitation for districts to apply for the Community Partnerships Grants initiative.  Responses from interested districts were due April 30, 2018. 


Community Partnerships LOI Webinar was held on April 23, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. and can be viewed on the following link: 2018-04-23 15.02 Community Partnerships Grant Opportunity.mp4

LOI Community Partnerships Responses to Questions