Physical Fitness Assessment Initiative Getting Started

PFAI Users

FITNESSGRAM® 10 users do not need the following information.  All other FITNESSGRAM (FG) users must follow these directions.

How PFAI Works

All Texas schools will participate in PFAI. Schools will utilize the software, FITNESSGRAM® (FG), to record fitness data, and then transfer the data to TEA through the PFAI web application in the Texas Education Agency Secure Environment (TEASE).

  1. Each year, physical fitness instructors collect various fitness measurements of students and record the data in FG.
  2. A campus and/or district FG submitter sends all the data for the district to TEA through the PFAI web application in TEASE.
  3. All student data must be submitted at one time. Districts must wait until information for every eligible student has been gathered, and then upload all data to TEA in one submission.
  4. TEA aggregates the data for analysis, and provides a report for the legislature.

NOTE: TEA employees will not have access to student level data. All student-specific data will be discarded during the aggregation process and never stored on any TEA system.

How to Get Started 

Districts need to purchase software (if necessary) and check for upgrades to existing software prior to uploading data to TEA. Please visit for updates.


Each school must load its copy of the FG software and use it to record fitness data.

Instructions on loading and using FG. 


The district's FG submitter must request access to the PFAI web application in order to send the data to TEA. If the submitter already has a TEASE account, he/she simply requests to add the PFAI application. If the submitter does not have a TEASE account, he/she must apply for TEASE access including the PFAI application. 

Instructions for requesting PFAI access in TEASE

For more information, contact:
Curriculum Division
1701 North Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 463-9581