Charter Schools - Campus Charters

The legislature established campus charters through Texas Education Code, Chapter 12, Subchapter C (Outside Source). These schools are sometimes referred to as district charters or district campus charters. Legislation requires all independent school districts to adopt a campus charter policy and application before authorizing a charter.

NEW - Local school districts may now access templates for the Campus Charter Policy (PDF, 45 KB) and Campus Charter Application (PDF, 266 KB). These documents reflect the agency’s effort to provide supportive tools and assistance to school districts as they define rigorous standards for high-quality charter school authorization.

A presentation, 2018-2019 Districts Interested in Authorizing Campus Charters (PDF, 131 KB), is available for school districts interested in learning more about authorizing campus charters.

Local school districts award and oversee campus charters. To learn more about a specific campus charter or for a list of campus charters in your area, please contact the school district.

A list of all campus charters is available in AskTED. Choose "Charter School Reports" under "Select Category", and choose "All Active Campus Charters."

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