Principal Certification Redesign

Given the evolving role of the principal as an instructional leader and the needs of Texas schools and communities, the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) adopted new principal standards in 2016. Informed by the expertise of practicing principals, principal preparation program faculty, and other educators and aligned with the Texas Principal Evaluation and Support System (T-PESS), the new standards emphasize the critical role of the school principal with an increased emphasis on instructional leadership.

With the implementation of the new standards, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) began working with principal preparation program faculty and practicing principals to develop a new test framework and new test instruments to certify Texas principals.  The new instruments have been created to reflect the skills needed for beginning principals to be effective.  The New Principal (268) and Performance Assessment for School Leaders (PASL) Certification Assessment (October 2017 Update) document includes a preview of the upcoming TExES Principal (268) test.

A comprehensive communication plan has been initiated by TEA to ensure that Texas principal preparation programs and candidates are informed of the upcoming changes.  The information below reflects the current plan, which is subject to revision as additional information becomes available.  

How does this impact principal certification?

Principal certificate candidates can expect the following changes:

  • All candidates will need to pass the new TExES Principal (268) and complete the Performance Assessment for School Leaders (PASL) to obtain a standard principal certification starting on 9/1/2019.
  • Candidates who pass the TExES Principal (268) assessment by 8/31/2019 will be exempt from the PASL and will receive their standard certification with a passing score on the TExES Principal (268) test if they complete all other certification requirements (e.g., course work, practicum) by 8/31/2019 and apply and are recommended for certification by 10/30/2019.
  • The TExES Principal (268) test will be offered for free to eligible candidates during the initial testing windows in December 2018 through February 2019. Eligible candidates include only those candidates who have never attempted the TExES Principal (068) test. Scores for the initial testing period will be reported in late June or early July 2019.
  • The PASL will become available to candidates in fall of 2019.
  • Given the timing of the changes above, it is recommended that all principal candidates entering programs on 1/1/2018 or later begin preparation for the TExES Principal (268) and PASL assessments.

How does this impact the current TExES Principal (068) test?

The TExES Principal (068) test will be available to first-time test takers through 12/31/2018 and for re-testers through 8/31/2019.

When can I expect more information?

Stakeholders will have opportunities to learn more about TEA's Principal Certification Redesign Initiative on the following dates:

  • 11/1/2017 – ETS will conduct a webinar on the Performance Assessment for School Leaders (PASL) specifically on Task #1.

    How Can I Best Prepare for the Changes?

    As a follow-up to the September communication, a key resources list for the TExES principal (268) test is being released to build context for the upcoming regional forums, where sample items will be reviewed. The books and websites found in the key resources list contain imperative knowledge and skills that served as the basis for many questions on the TExES Principal (268) test.