Revalidating a Lifetime Certificate

The Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA) is the current test used to revalidate lifetime certificates. You may also choose to take a Texas Examination of Educator Standards (TExES) content test to revalidate a provisional or professional certificate. House Bill 72, passed by the Texas Legislature in 1984, mandated that all persons issued valid Texas teacher certifications before February 1, 1986, pass a skills assessment test.

Revalidating Using the THEA

You must complete the reading and writing portion of the THEA; the math section is not required. You must register for this exam at the THEA website (outside source).

If you take the THEA Quick Test, you must contact educator certification after you have received your official scores. We will verify the test results and revalidate your certificate.

If you take the THEA Internet-Based Test (IBT), you must contact the testing company directly for score release instructions. Taking the THEA IBT will delay the revalidation process.

Revalidating Using the TExES

You may also revalidate using the TExES in another content area.

  1. Create an educator account to access your TEA ID number.
    • You must have a TEA ID number to register for a test.
  2. Register for a test on the Educational Testing Servic (outside source) website.
  3. Contact educator certification once scores are in your TEA account.

We will revalidate your certificate once we have verified your scores. Once your certificate is valid, you may be eligible for a new certificate. You must log into your account to apply through Additional Certification by Examination and pay $78.