Annotated STAAR Report Card

The STAAR report card is now a folded booklet. Browse the different sections of the student report below to get a sense of what the booklet will entail. Each section provides more details on how you can use the new report as a tool to improve student learning and achievement.

Student Report: Front Cover - The STAAR Report Card is now a folded booklet. It has an introductory letter about the STAAR test. It includes what we know from the research about how the STAAR predicts readiness for what comes next. The cover also defines the four levels of performance students can achieve on the STAAR and what each level says about how well students have learned grade level knowledge and skills.

Student Report: Proficiency - the top shows a quick summary of results for all tests the student took that year. Parents can log in for more information. For example, will include: specific question that were on the year's STAAR test, how the student answered, the right answer, how students across the state answered, and the knowledge and skills covered by each question. The score is also put in perspective relative to all the students who took the test. The score is broken down by major content category for the test. For each test, you can see the student’s exact score.


Student Report: Growth – For reading and math, parent can see student gains. The color bands correspond to each performance level. Lexile is a widely used measure of reading level. There are many resources to help parents support student growth in reading based on Lexile levels. The report includes summer reading material organized by Lexile. Parents can log on to for more resources on using Lexile to boost their child’s reading level. Parents are given content about their child’s growth within a school year. Specifically, was the growth: limited, expected, accelerated. Parents are also shown the Lexile level typical for student of the same grade. The report shows changes in a student’s Lexile level over time.


Student Report: Back Cover – The report provides recommendations and suggests resource for parents. For high school students, the report covers how to plan for college and careers. The report card provides tips to maximize the impact of parent-teacher conferences.