Special Education

The SPED program is a part of the Performance-Based Monitoring Analysis System (PBMAS). Data from the Performance-Based Monitoring Analysis System is utilized to assign required intervention activities to a local education agency (LEA) based on annual performance on individual indicators or patterns across indicators. The Division of School Improvement is responsible for PBMAS staging and identification of intervention requirements. 

Intervention Activities

The PBMAS district targeted improvement plan incorporates data findings, problem statements and root causes that address areas of low performance and program ineffectiveness identified in PBMAS.  

LEAs staged for interventions in any program area at Stage 3 or 4 submit their district targeted improvement plan to TEA via the Intervention, Stage, and Activity Manager (ISAM) application in the Texas Education Agency Login ( TEAL ). LEAs retain information used during the data analysis and needs assessment and only submit to TEA if requested.     

In addition to the district targeted improvement plan, LEAs assigned a Stage 3 or 4 in special education will conduct a compliance review for each PBMAS special education indicator assigned a PL 2 or higher. Submission of the Special Education Compliance Review Summary is required by February 15, 2019.

LEAs staged for interventions in any program area at Stage 1 or 2 develop their targeted improvement plan and retain it and all supporting documentation locally.

For LEAs at any level of staging, if noncompliance is identified during the review process, LEAs will develop a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) which outlines the activities/steps the LEA will take to correct all substantiated findings of noncompliance, to include that:

•       policies and procedures, including operating guidelines and practices are reviewed and revised, as necessary;

•       professional development is provided to identified staff;

•       admission, review, and dismissal (ARD) committee meetings are convened to address the noncompliance, and, when required, determine if the noncompliance denied students a free appropriate public education (FAPE), and consider compensatory services, as appropriate; and

•       develop and engage in monitoring activities to ensure ongoing compliance.

The LEA is required to correct any finding of noncompliance as soon as possible, but in no case, may the correction take longer than one calendar year from the date of notification of noncompliance. 

Additional Resources

PBMAS Intervention Guidance (PDF, 102KB)

PBMAS Interventions & Submissions (PDF,178KB)

PBMAS Staging Framework (PDF, 175KB)

District Targeted Improvement Plan (Excel, 35KB)

SPED Compliance Review Topics (PDF,237KB)

SPED Compliance Review Summary (PDF, 1612KB)

SPED Corrective Action Plan (CAP) (Excel, 76KB)

Properly Constituted ARD Committee (Excel, 21KB)

IEP Development & Implementation (Excel, 18KB)

Participation in State Assessment (Excel, 21KB)

Certified & Qualified Staff (Excel, 18KB)

Current Evaluation Timelines (Excel, 23KB)

Transition (Excel, 19KB)

Behavior & Discipline (Excel, 19KB)

Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) (Excel, 20 KB)

Commensurate Day (Excel, 19 KB)

Contact Information

Division of Review and Support

Phone: (512) 463-9414

Email: ReviewandSupport@tea.texas.gov