Data Validation Monitoring - Discipline Intervention Guidance and Resources

The following documents assist districts in conducting required required activities for the 2015-2016 monitoring year.

DVM-D Guidance (PDF, 581KB)

How was my LEA Selected for DVM-Discipline Intervention Activities? (PDF, 44KB)

ISAM Contact Instructional Guide (PowerPoint, 1109KB)

Data Validation Monitoring-Discipline Workbook

Select the DVM-D Workbook link below:

DVM-D Workbook #1 (PDF, 246KB)

DVM-D Workbook #2 (PDF, 241KB)

DVM-D Workbook #3 (PDF, 239KB)

DVM-D Workbook #5, #6, and #7 (PDF, 489KB)

DVM-D Workbook #8 (PDF, 53KB) 

DVM AcronymAppendix (PDF, 67KB)

Data Validation Monitoring-Discipline Corrective Action Plan

Select the DVM-D CAP link below:

DVM-D CAP (Excel, 15KB)

Data Validation Monitoring-Discipline Superintendent Attestation Statement

The Superintendent Attestation Statement should only be signed and submitted via ISAM by superintendents of districts that are assigned a Stage 1 level of intervention. Additional information about this document may be found in the DVM-D Guidance document.

DVM-D Attestation Statement (PDF, 120KB)