#IAmTXEd shares stories about successful Texas teachers

There is no shortage of great work taking place in classrooms all across our state every school day. Leading that work on every campus are the many outstanding teachers who are making a difference in the lives of their students – and ultimately, making a difference for the future of Texas. That’s why I am so proud of our newest initiation at the Texas Education Agency – #IAmTXEd.

#IAmTXEd is a social media campaign intended to share the many ongoing success stories of Texas teachers in our classrooms. Each week, this campaign allows everyone to see just how rigorous the teaching profession can be and how our educators are working hard to secure the future of Texas.

Stories from the campaign feature teachers providing rigorous and rewarding academic experiences; highlight the critical role that educators play in students’ lives; showcase teachers driving student achievement, a love of learning and personal growth; and/or exhibit instances in which educators go above and beyond to provide meaningful learning experiences inside and outside the classroom.

The #IAmTXEd campaign collects and shares the stories of Texas educators whose work is leading to greater student outcomes and achievements. The social media posts are shared statewide each week via TEA Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

So far, our featured stories have highlighted the work of educators in the Presidio, Duncanville, Lubbock, Northwest, Amarillo, Decatur and Port Aransas independent school districts. TEA continues to solicit submissions to the #IAmTXEd campaign directly from school districts and charters and plans to publish stories from every region of the state.

We are looking for original stories to be submitted in text format (in approximately 300 words), accompanied by a high-resolution photo that corresponds to the story.

To see submissions and to learn more about the #IAmTXEd campaign, visit TEA on social media. For questions regarding the campaign or to submit a story, please email IAmTXEd@tea.texas.gov.

Commissioner Mike Morath
February 1, 2017