Celebrate Texas Teachers

Great things take place every day in Texas classrooms. And at the center of that success is a great teacher.

While educational methods have changed and technologies have evolved, the need for an effective teacher at the front of the classroom remains the most important factor in assuring a quality education for every student. 

Our state is now home to more than 345,000 educators helping to shape the minds of more than 5.2 million students. Their task is a great one – but one each willingly and lovingly tackles every school day. Thanks to their hard work, the future of our communities, our state and our nation is strengthened.

Over the next two weeks, many communities and school districts are taking time to celebrate the accomplishments of our teachers. It is an annual ritual where we thank and praise the people in our local schools who seek only the best for every boy and girl sitting at their desks each day. 

However, such praise and thanks should not be concentrated to a few days out of the year. Texas teachers need our support and encouragement throughout the year. I hope you will join me in thanking our educators for the work they do and recognize that their efforts touch the lives of future generations of Texans.

Commissioner Mike Morath
May 3, 2017