Bus Accident Reporting System

The Texas Education Agency’s Bus Accident Reporting System (BARS) uses an annual survey to collect information on accidents involving school buses operated or contracted for use by school districts and charter schools, as required by statute and rule. The survey is open for reporting from approximately July 1 through approximately August 31 each year.

In responding to the survey, local education agencies must provide the following information for each accident:

  • type of bus involved
  • number of students and adults involved in the accident
  • number and types of injuries that were sustained by bus passengers
  • whether injured passengers were wearing seat belts at the time of the accident and, if so, the type 

Law and Rules 

2017–2018 BARS Survey 

The 2017–2018 BARS Survey will be open through August 31, 2018.  You may download a copy of the survey questions in order to help you gather the requested data before you begin the survey.

 BARS Reports 


 For more information, contact:

Division of State Funding

 Rob Caudill
 (512) 475-3925