Student Achievement SMART Goals for Federal Grant Funds

This page will provide information about Schedule SC3001—Needs Assessment, Priorities, and Program Outcomes for ESSA and Perkins Federal Grant Programs, as it is available.

Tools for LEAs

The following pages offer resources for continuous improvement planning, instructional best practices aligned to the State Consolidated Plan and TEA Strategic Priorities, and monitoring student outcomes.

Strategic Priority #1: Recruit, Support, and Retain Teacher and Principals

Strategic Priority #2: Build a Foundation in Reading and Math

Strategic Priority #3: Connect High School to Career and College

Strategic Priority #4: Improve Low-Performing Schools

Schedule Information

Please review the following prerecorded information for State CTE Directors about implementation of SC3001, a special collections report for LEA ESSA and Perkins funds, in the 2018–2019 grant cycle.

Pre-recorded Information Session for State CTE directors (March 20, 2018)