General and Fiscal Guidelines

The General and Fiscal Guidelines are part of every request for application (RFA) that TEA publishes. Because these guidelines apply to all grants that TEA administers, all program directors should be familiar with them.

TEA has developed two versions of the General and Fiscal Guidelines that incorporate the differing regulations in place before and after December 26, 2014:

For information on the change in federal regulations that occurred on December 26, 2014, refer to The New EDGAR page of the TEA website.

Additional Information 

The TEA Grant Process page provides more information about the process TEA follows in awarding grants.

On the TEA Grant Opportunities page, in the Application and Support Information section, you can find links to all RFA-related material for any open, current grant. For ease of reference to both versions of the General and Fiscal Guidelines, this page is linked to the left menu of the TEA Grant Opportunities page.