IEP Analysis Project Information

TEA is currently engaged in several initiatives designed to improve special education programs across the state. To inform the ongoing work, TEA is conducting a data analysis. This analysis will allow TEA to make more informed policy and resource decisions aimed at improving special education services for Texas students over the long term.

While there are multiple pieces of information that will be analyzed, the following are examples of what TEA may review as part of this project:

  • Multiple student performance measures, including graduation rate and growth in STAAR scores for students with disabilities
  • Analytic call center data from SpedTex, Texas' special education call center, which provides TEA with reports of inquiries received from across the state
  • Results from interviews with the following groups of stakeholders:
    • Students
    • Parents
    • Student advocacy group members
    • Teachers and other classroom staff
    • Principals
    • Evaluation staff
    • District-level staff

      Additionally, TEA is seeking input directly from stakeholder groups that meet on a regular basis, including:

    • Continuing Advisory Committee
    • State Performance ?Improvement Plan Steering Committee
    • TCASE Cabinet
    • Student Advocacy Roundtable
    • Special Education Directors from Regional Education Service Centers


    IEP Analysis Project

     In addition to the data points mentioned above, TEA will work with a contractor to digitally analyze a representative sample of individualized education programs (IEPs) from across the state.

     Parents and stakeholders can learn more about the IEP analysis project by clicking the following link to frequently asked questions about this project: 

IEP Analysis Project FAQ


Local Education Agency Information


October 11th Webinar Presentation

October 11th Webinar Viewing link:

IEP Analysis Project - LEA Interest Survey

November 8th IEP Insights for LEAs Webinar

November 8th Webinar Presentation

November 29th Data Sponsorship Grant Webinar

November 29th Webinar Presentation


 Project Points of Contact –

For more information or general questions, LEAs should email

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