Proclamation 2017

Proclamation 2017 (amended April 2016) (PDF)

The State Board of Education (SBOE) issued Proclamation 2017 in April 2015. Instructional materials under Proclamation 2017 were adopted  by the SBOE in November 2016. The adopted materials went into classrooms in the 2017–2018 school year.

Proclamation 2017 called for instructional materials for all courses in career and technical education and languages other than English. It also calls for materials for Special Topics in Social Studies, Algebraic Reasoning, and Statistics.

The SBOE requires that all Proclamation 2017 pre-adoption samples submitted for adoption be made available to the public online.

This report provides a list of pricing options for the materials adopted under Proclamation 2017.
Proclamation 2017 Adopted Materials Pricing List (PDF) 

These reports identify the specific TEKS that were not addressed in adopted instructional materials:

TEKS Not Addressed in Adopted Career and Technical Education (PDF)
TEKS Not Addressed in Adopted Languages Other Than English (PDF)

These reports list additional changes to content reported by the publishers (TAC §66.43):

Momentum Instruction (PDF)
CEV Multimedia, Ltd. (PDF)

Below are links to comments and error reports for Proclamation 2017:

Proclamation 2017 Publisher Response to Errors Reported by Public (PDF)

These reports list errors reported by the publishers and the review panels (TAC §66.63(e)):

Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, Inc. (PDF)
CEV Multimedia, Ltd. (PDF)
Cosenza & Associates, LLC (PDF)
Davis Publications, Inc. (PDF)
EMC Publishing, LLC (PDF)
Goodheart-Wilcox Publisher (PDF)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (PDF)
McGraw-Hill (PDF)
Momentum Instruction, LLC (PDF)
Pearson Education, Inc., Publishing as Prentice Hall (PDF)
TPS Publishing Inc. (PDF)
Yetter’s Learn Spanish (PDF)

These reports are handouts that were provided at the September 2016 State Board of Education meeting: 
Proclamation 2017 Publishers' Report of Factual Errors and Editorial Changes (PDF)
Proclamation 2017 Public Comments (PDF)
Proclamation 2017 State Review Panel Comments (PDF)
Proclamation 2017 Errors Reported by State Review Panel and Public (PDF)

If you would like any of these reports in an Excel document, please email

Below are links to Proclamation 2017 important documents:

Proclamation 2017 List of Adopted Instructional Materials (PDF)
Proclamation 2017 Instructional Materials Eligible for Adoption (PDF)
Proclamation 2017 Preliminary Report on Instructional Materials Under Consideration for Adoption
Proc 2017 SRP—Opening Presentation (PDF)
Proc 2017 SRP—Curriculum (PDF)
Proc 2017 SRP—Process (PDF)

Important documents specific to publishers can be found on the Publisher Portal.