Hurricane Harvey Instructional Materials Assistance

Districts that need materials, either because of enrollment of students displaced by the hurricane or property damage, can create a needs list in EMAT to inform potential donors of specific needs. Districts and other entities that wish to donate materials can do so in one of two ways: within EMAT or by emailing TEA.

Instructions for both districts in need and potential donors are provided below; click directly on the screen shots.

PDF Versions 

creating_a_needs_list_in_emat       fulfilling_a_need

Narrated Video Versions 



    Entities without EMAT access can view district needs lists at the following links:

      Needs Lists in PDF                                   Needs Lists in Excel

      Instructions for offering a donation are provided in the Fulfilling a Need training above.                           

                              Frequently Asked Questions About Donating Materials

                                               Downloadable Needs List Flyer

      Publisher contact information for potential donors is available at Publisher & Depository Contact Information (PDF).


      Contact Information

      Instructional Materials Ordering and Distribution
      Phone: (512) 463-9601
      Fax: (512) 475-3612