Early Learning Partnerships

Early Learning Public-Private Partnerships Guidebook (Coming Soon) 

What are early learning partnerships?

Early learning partnerships are formal collaborations between local education agencies (LEAs) such as school districts or open-enrollment charters, and private early learning centers or Head Start centers. The resulting partnership allows them to dual enroll children and provide prekindergarten and/or additional comprehensive, wrap-around services.

Who benefits from early learning partnerships?


Early learning partnerships expand opportunities for families of eligible 3- and 4-year-old children to find a prekindergarten program that fits the needs of the family based on location, program duration, and other relevant factors.

Local Education Agencies (LEAs)

Local Education Agencies can increase capacity and serve more eligible 3- and 4-year-old students through early learning partnerships. Because partnerships help serve a greater number of children, they also increase the number of children who are ready for kindergarten.

Early Learning Centers & Head Start Centers

Partnerships open new, sustainable streams of funding for early learning centers and Head Start centers. In addition, they open communication between entities, increase resources and professional development shared, and allow for alignment of curriculum and assessments. This provides children with greater continuity in the educational approach they experience from prekindergarten to kindergarten.

Early learning centers, Head Start centers, and LEAs should work to establish relationships with one another prior to establishing a formal partnership. Relationship-building activities may include having regular meetings to discuss and plan for partnerships; inviting partners to attend professional development, training, or other events; sharing resources or services; and/or aligning curriculum and assessments. A strong relationship with open communication, common vision/goals, and committed leadership is key to establishing a successful partnership.

Early learning centers and Head Start centers should contact their local education agencies to express their interest in partnering.

LEAs should work to determine current enrollment gaps and barriers to enrollment and identify potential partners in the community to help address these issues.

Where can I learn more information?

If you would like to learn more about early learning partnerships, please contact Lauren Zbyszinski at lauren.zbyszinski@tea.texas.gov.