Programs of Study Public Comment

The information below was provided for the purposes of public comment on programs of study from June 6 - July 19, 2019. 

Final programs of study information is located here


The program of study initiative is in alignment with the guidance from Perkins V.  The six components of a high-quality program of study defined by Perkins were used to guide the development of the proposed programs of study.  The components include: 

  • Coordinated, non-duplicative sequence of academic and technical content
  • Courses that progress in content specificity
  • Multiple entry and exit points that allow for credentialing
  • Alignment to the needs of the state, region, or tribal community
  • Addresses academic and technical knowledge, as well as employability skills
  • Culminates in the attainment of a recognized postsecondary credential

Frequently Asked Questions: PDF  

Programs of Study Overview Webinar:  MP4

Overview document of the programs of study initiative:  PDF

Statewide Programs of Study At-a-Glance Spreadsheet:  Excel        Accessible Excel

Statewide programs of study resources have been created and include labor market information related to occupations, postsecondary options, and course sequences.  Below you will find these resources organized by career cluster:


Accessible versions  

Alignment opportunities have been identified between occupational skills and course standards. In some cases, new courses need to be created in order to build course sequences to prepare students for in-demand and high wage occupations.  Some existing courses do not align to identified in-demand, high wage occupations and were not included in proposed statewide programs of study.  The document below highlights proposed courses and courses not included in a statewide program of study.

 Programs of Study Course Alignment Recommendations:  PDF

Districts may request regional programs of study with course sequences supported by regional workforce data.  A regional program of study application process will be made available once the statewide programs of study list is finalized. It is recommended that the following example programs of study be made available for application.

Regional Example Programs of Study At-a-Glance:  Excel File   Accessible Excel

Regional Example Programs of Study Resource: PDF


Stakeholders are asked to review the proposed statewide programs of study and provide comments.  Stakeholder feedback will be considered prior to final recommendations. 

 Public Comment has ended.  The proposed programs of study will remain available for viewing until the final versions are approved in the coming weeks.