Submitting the Annual Financial and Compliance Report and Data Feed

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November 8, 2013


SUBJECT: Submitting the Annual Financial and Compliance Report and Data Feed 

Beginning with the fiscal year 2013 submission of the annual financial and compliance report (AFR), the Texas Education Agency (TEA) Division of Financial Compliance will no longer reconcile the Portable Document Format (PDF) version of the AFR with each independent school district’s (ISD) or education service center’s (ESC) audit data feed file. Each ISD or ESC must ensure that its data feed is consistent with the financial information in its AFR. Each schedule contains edits that each ISD or ESC will need to review. After reviewing and correcting (if necessary) all edits; the ISD or ESC must submit and close the data feed file as part of the AFR submission.

Please refer to the Division of Financial Compliance’s Electronic Submissions web page ( for additional information about submitting and closing the ISD or ESC data feed.

As a reminder, beginning September 24, 2012, the TEA requires that local educational agencies (LEA)— ISDs and open-enrollment charter schools—and ESCs submit their AFRs in electronic format only (see the September 24, 2012 TO THE ADMINISTRATOR ADDRESSED letter, Changes to the Annual Financial and Compliance Report Submission Requirements - The electronic format submission consists of two parts. The first part is the data feed (not applicable to charter schools). The second part is the AFR, which is submitted as a PDF document.

In addition, please ensure that the AFR in PDF includes the signed certificate of board approval and the Schedule L-1, Required Responses to Selected School First Indicators, the latter of which is only applicable to ISDs and can be submitted as a separate PDF.

In conclusion, the board-approved AFR, consisting of both electronic files, is due no later than 150 days after the close of the ISD’s or ESC’s respective fiscal year, either November 27 or January 28.

Pertaining to the review letters of the fiscal year 2013 AFR, all communication from the Division of Financial Compliance to the superintendent, business manager, board president, and external auditor will be emailed. No hard copies of the letters will be mailed.

If you have any questions, please contact Paul Moreno at (512) 475-2228 or; Alma Obregon at (512) 475-1993 or; or Tiffany Martin at (512) 936-1776 or


David Marx
Division of Financial Compliance
Office of School Finance