Student Learning Objectives Pilot

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 DATE:  April 6, 2015


SUBJECT:  Student Learning Objectives Pilot

In 2015-2016, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) will pilot the use of Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) as a measure of student growth within teacher appraisal systems. Pilot participants will guide and shape this instructionally focused student growth option.

What are SLOs?

SLOs are long-term goals for student learning crafted by teachers and administrators. Often working in teams with peer, school, and district support, teachers develop these goals to help define what success looks like for their students and plan backwards to ensure that instruction is purposefully guiding schools, teachers, and students toward a common vision of success. 

The SLO process strives to bring together the varied pedagogical considerations a teacher juggles throughout the year – curriculum, instruction, assessment, adjustment, and evaluation. The SLO process encourages and prompts continual reflection and self-assessment so teachers can focus on aligning curriculum, instruction, and student performance.


Participation can be an entire campus or a single grade or subject on a single campus, although it is recommended, for the sake of efficiency, that districts participate with ten or more teachers.


Districts participating in the pilot year will benefit with opportunities to:

  •  Send representatives to the free SLO training from content experts;
  • Get continued SLO support throughout the pilot year from TEA, ESC staff, and CTAC, including webinars and support sessions to assist in implementation;
  • Customize policies and procedures to fit the local context while using a general framework; and
  • Provide feedback for refinement of the SLO process.

 For more information on the SLO process and the SLO pilot, please view the following resources found on the TEA website under the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System page:

SLO Process Overview                                                           SLO Pilot Overview

Please contact Tim Regal at with any questions or to inquire further about participation in the SLO pilot.


Ryan Franklin

Associate Commissioner
Educator Leadership and Quality