Required Physical Fitness Assessment 2012

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March 19, 2012


 Subject:  Required Physical Fitness Assessment


The Texas Education Code (TEC), §38.101 and §38.103, requires a school district to annually assess the physical fitness of students in grade three or higher in a course that satisfies the curriculum requirements for physical education at least once annually and submit the results to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) each school year. The TEA has identified FITNESSGRAM® as the assessment tool to be used by all school districts beginning with the 2007-2008 school year. 

The information provided below is being made available to ensure that you are able to upload your data successfully this school year. 

The system for uploading FITNESSGRAM® data opened on March 14, 2012. 

  • All fitness data is due to the TEA by May 16, 2012. 
  • A TEASE Account, user name and password with Physical Fitness Assessment Initiative (PFAI) access is required to submit data to the TEA.  Instructions for this process can be found at If you have questions regarding your TEASE account, please contact
  • If you are using FITNESSGRAM® 8.6 software, an upgrade is not required for this school year.
  • If you are using FITNESSGRAM® 9 software, an upgrade will be required this school year.  Contact Human Kinetics at 1-800-747-4457 for additional information.

If you need additional assistance for submitting data this school year, please contact Marissa Rathbone at (512) 463-9581 or by email at You may also access information on TEA requirements at Information on using FITNESSGRAM® is available at or by calling 1 (800) 747-4457.

The TEA thanks all administrators, teachers, parents, and students for their commitment to implementing this important initiative. We look forward to working with you to improve the coordinated school health programs and practices throughout the state.




Marissa Rathbone

Statewide Coordinator for Health and Safety

Curriculum Division