Request for Waiver Regarding Cycle 3 Texas Title I Priority Schools Grant Program School Improvement Grant (SIG) Funds

January 2, 2014


SUBJECT: Request for Waiver Regarding Cycle 3 Texas Title I Priority Schools Grant Program School Improvement Grant (SIG) Funds

The U.S. Department of Education (USDE) has released guidance on the opportunity for the state to request waivers applicable to Section 1003(g) School Improvement Grant funding.  This is to notify you of the state’s intent to apply for the waivers listed below on behalf of local education agencies (LEAs) with one or more campuses selected for the Texas Title I Priority Schools, Cycle 3 grant program. 

The Texas Title I Priority Schools (TTIPS) grant program is funded with federal School Improvement Grant funds, authorized under section 1003(g) of Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (Title I or ESEA).  These grants, through the Texas Education Agency (Agency) to LEAs, are for use in
Title I schools identified for improvement, corrective action, or restructuring that demonstrate the greatest need for the funds and the strongest commitment to use the funds to provide adequate resources in order to raise substantially the achievement of their students so as to enable the schools to make adequate yearly progress and exit improvement status.  Under the final requirements published by USDE, these funds are to be focused on the State’s persistently lowest-achieving schools and other schools that meet the federal definition of eligibility.  In schools an LEA chooses to serve, the LEA must implement one of four school intervention models:  turnaround model, restart model, school closure, or transformation model. 

The applicable waivers would allow any eligible LEA that receives a TTIPS Cycle 3 grant for an eligible campus to use those funds in accordance with the final requirements for School Improvement Grants and the LEA’s application for a grant. 

The State believes that the following waivers will increase the quality of instruction for students and improve the academic achievement of students in priority schools by enabling an LEA to use more effectively the school improvement funds to implement one of the four school intervention models in its

Comment Period
Notice of the proposed waivers will be published in the Texas Register in the next few weeks.  However, you will be able to provide comments on these proposed waivers until January 12, 2014, by electronic mail to
1. Waive section 421(b) of the General Education Provisions Act (20 U.S.C. § 1225(b)) to extend the period of availability of FY 2012 and FY 2013 school improvement funds for the State and all of its eligible LEAs to September 30, 2017.

This waiver would extend the “life” of the funds through the full three-year implementation cycle.  This will allow the state to combine fiscal year funds and fund the initial grant award and continuation grants to the LEAs on behalf of their selected eligible campuses for the entire intervention period.

2. A waiver of the school eligibility requirements under Section I.A.1 SIG final requirements to replace the lists of Tier I, II and III schools with the state list of priority schools that meet the definition of “priority schools” in ESEA Flexibility identified in accordance with the approved request for ESEA flexibility.

This waiver would allow those campuses identified as priority schools who will begin the planning process during SY 13-14 under the Texas Accountability Intervention System (TAIS) to implement one of the four intervention models to apply for School Improvement Grant funds to support the full and effective implementation of their chosen model for three years beginning in SY 14-15.

TEA will aggregate the comments received from LEAs in response to this notice and submit them as part of the state’s application for the 1003(g) funds to USDE. Please note that TEA will not respond to any comments or questions received regarding this waiver request but will instead take comments into consideration when finalizing the state’s application for Cycle 3 funds to USDE. When TEA receives USDE approval of the waiver requests, additional information will be provided to LEAs on the implementation of the waivers through the Request for Application associated with this grant program.

For additional information on the proposed waiver requests, please contact Shayna Sheehan via email at or at (512) 463-2617 or Leticia Govea via email at  or at (512) 463-1427.


Sally Partridge, Associate Commissioner
Accreditation and School Improvement