Reporting Request for Industry-based Certifications and Certificates

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September 14, 2016**


Subject: Reporting Request for Industry-based Certifications and Certificates 


Responding to this request is an opportunity for you to help inform the development of Domain 4 of the state’s accountability system that will be implemented in the 2017-18 school year. We hope that you will take advantage of it by submitting the list of certifications and certificates, as outlined below.


House Bill 2804 (84th Texas Legislature, 2015) requires the state to includes the percentage of students who earn an industry certification in Domain 4 (College and Career Readiness). In 19 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §74.14 (e) (2), this certification is defined as

… an industry validated credential that complies with knowledge and skills standards promulgated by a nationally or internationally recognized business, industry, professional, or government entity representing a particular profession or occupation that is issued by or endorsed by:

(A)  a national or international business, industry, or professional organization;
(B)  a state agency or other government entity; or
(C)  a state-based industry association.

To determine which certifications will be eligible for use in the state’s accountability system, the Texas Education Agency must first compile a list of all third-party certifications and certificates currently being offered by districts and charter high school campuses.

Reporting Requirements and Requests

Districts and charter school campuses are requested to submit a list of the industry-based, third-party certifications and certificates they offer that represent a student's substantial course of study and/or end-of-program knowledge and skills. Critical information for submission includes:

  • District or charter school offering the certification or certificate process
  • Individual schools offering the certification
  • Certification or certificate offered
  • Level of certification, if applicable (e.g., Level 1, Level 2)
  • Third-party or industry providing the certification or certificate
  • Aligned Course Code
  • Aligned Course Name
  • Career cluster to which the certification belongs

Note: We understand that some of this information is already collected as part of the Perkins Program Effectiveness Report (PER). If you feel that the certifications and certificates you submitted for the Perkins effectiveness report accurately reflect the list of certifications and certificates you offer, there is no need to resubmit this information or respond to this request. We will include the PER data when compiling the full list of industry-based and third-party certifications and certificates. However, we encourage you to add certifications or certificates not included in the Perkins report as part of your response to this request.

Districts and charter schools responding to this request must submit their lists via an online upload tool available here:

The attachments below include the data template to be completed, along with instructions for completion and submission.

The deadline for submission of this information is October 21, 2016. This information will be used to determine certification eligibility for Domain 4 credit, so it is important that you complete this work by the October deadline.

Your Education Service Centers will be informed of this reporting requirement and will be available for support in this effort, if needed.

We appreciate your assistance with this reporting request. Please address questions to Lacey Hamilton at

Attachments: Template for Submission | Template Instructions