Reading Academies and Math Academies-2016

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April 6, 2016


SUBJECT: Reading Academies and Math Academies

Reading Academies

Senate Bill (SB) 925 establishes literacy achievement academies for teachers who provide reading instruction to students at the kindergarten or first, second, or third grade level. SB 972 establishes reading-to-learn academies for teachers who provide reading comprehension instruction to students at the fourth or fifth grade level.

Math Academies

SB 934 establishes mathematics achievement academies for teachers who provide mathematics instruction to students at the kindergarten or first, second, or third grade level.

The agency is pleased to announce the following plans for implementation of the academies.

The Texas Legislature has appropriated funding to pay stipends to eligible teachers who successfully complete academies. The agency is required to grant priority for academy participation and stipend eligibility to teachers employed at campuses at which 50% or more of the students enrolled are educationally disadvantaged (eligible to participate in the national free or reduced-price lunch program). A teacher who successfully completes an academy will be eligible to receive a $350 stipend.

In order to maximize the number of eligible academy participants each summer and to allow academy participants adequate time to implement what they have learned in the classroom, academies will be made available by education service centers (ESCs) throughout the state as follows:

Summer 2016

Summer 2017

Kindergarten Reading

Grade 1 Reading


Grade 2 Mathematics

Grade 3 Mathematics


Grade 2 Reading

Grade 3 Reading

Grade 4 Reading

Grade 5 Reading


Kindergarten/Grade 1 Mathematics


A list of priority campuses by ESC region is posted at agency does not anticipate that funding will be sufficient to allow all teachers at all priority campuses to attend an academy this summer. Consequently, additional prioritization will occur to allow teachers from as many priority campuses as possible to attend academies. In the coming weeks ESC staff will contact district administrators with instructions regarding registration of teachers for the summer 2016 academies.

Additional information regarding the academies will be posted at as it becomes available.

For questions regarding the academies, please contact the Chelaine Marion, Director of Foundation Education, by telephone at (512) 463-9581 or by email at


Monica Martinez
Associate Commissioner
Standards and Programs