New Research Report Concerning Grade-Level Retention

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The Texas Education Agency, Division of Research and Analysis, Accountability Research Unit, is pleased to announce the publication of a new report: Grade-Level Retention in Texas Public Schools, 2012-13 (Publication No. GE15 601 01).

Available online at, the report provides data on retention by student characteristics, including grade level; race/ethnicity; gender; degree of English proficiency; and economic, at-risk, immigrant, migrant, and overage statuses. Data also are provided by program participation in special education, career and technical education, gifted and talented, and Title I. Searchable databases of retention data at the campus, district, and education service center region levels are available online at

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Texas Education Agency
Department of Assessment and Accountability, Criss Cloudt, Associate Commissioner
Division of Research and Analysis, Linda Roska, Director
Accountability Research Unit, Jennifer Broussard, Director
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Linda Roska
Division of Research and Analysis