For All LEAs: Carryover Amount Reports Published in GFFC Reports

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December 16, 2015


SUBJECT:  For All LEAs: Carryover Amount Reports Published in GFFC Reports

TEA has published a report for each individual LEA detailing the amount of federal carryover funds that have been made available to the LEA. Carryover funds are federal grant funds that were originally awarded during a previous grant period and that are still available for expenditure, under the rules applicable to the original federal grant.

Your federal carryover amount report is now available through TEAL in the GFFC Reports and Data Collections secure application.

Excess Carryover As Risk Indicator

Section 200.205 of Title 2 of the Code of Federal Regulations requires the US Department of Education to evaluate the risks posed by applicants before they can receive Federal awards. As an applicant, TEA must demonstrate a satisfactory record of managing federal grants in order to be eligible to receive Federal awards. One of the risks identified in 200.205(c)(3) concerns the potential for excess carryover.

Excess carryover can indicate poor planning, poor program implementation, poor fiscal management, or poor performance outcomes of federal grants.

TEA considers the following carryover amounts excessive:

  • 50 percent or more, for Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Part B (IDEA-B) formula grant funds
  • 25 percent or more, for grants authorized under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) and other IDEA grant funds

For Further Information

With any questions regarding your carryover report or excessive carryover, submit a request through the TEA Help Desk.


Cory Green, Chief Grants Administrator
Division of Grants Administration