Classroom Connectivity Initiative Update – Cost Comparison Tool Available


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 December 2, 2016

Subject:  Classroom Connectivity Initiative Update – Cost Comparison Tool Available


As 2016 comes to a close, I’m writing to provide an update on the Classroom Connectivity Initiative that was launched last March in partnership with the Governor’s Office and the non-profit organization EducationSuperHighway.  EducationSuperHighway is working with TEA, Education Service Centers, and school districts across the state to ensure that students have the Internet speeds they need for 21st century education.  The initiative focuses on providing scalable, robust, and affordable access to high-speed broadband for all Texas schools. 

Since March, network and procurement experts from EducationSuperHighway have kicked-off broadband upgrade projects with over 100 school districts across the state.

Last week, EducationSuperHighway released the full version of Compare & Connect K-12, a tool that allows you to compare broadband costs of districts around the state.  I encourage you to use the tool’s powerful new features to explore opportunities to get more bandwidth for your broadband budget. 

You can use Compare & Connect K-12 to:

  •  Find out what other districts are buying to support digital learning
  •  Compare broadband options in the state or across the country
  •  See what service providers are offering to nearby districts
  •  View a summary of 2016 E-rate filing

As part of the Classroom Connectivity Initiative, EducationSuperHighway is offering district leaders in Texas the opportunity to come together virtually to view your own and other districts' broadband data on Compare & Connect K-12 and discuss strategies to get more bandwidth for your budget this E-rate cycle. To join, RSVP for one of the upcoming webinars below. Space is limited.

Texas Classroom Connectivity Initiative: Get More Bandwidth for Your Budget           

Join the hundreds of other school districts and charters in Texas upgrading their networks to support growing bandwidth demands. Sign up for a webinar or pass this invite along to the appropriate contact in your district.

For questions or additional information, contact Natalia Marcantonio, Outreach Coordinator at EducationSuperHighway, at, or Texas Education Agency staff at


Mike Morath 

Commissioner of Education