Certification Exam Reimbursement for School Year 2013-2014

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May 22, 2014


SUBJECT:    Certification Exam Reimbursement for School Year 2013-2014

The Texas Education Code (TEC), §29.190 authorizes the Texas Education Agency to pay school districts an amount equal to the cost paid by the district for a certification exam taken and passed by a student to qualify for a license or certificate. TEA received a limited amount of funding for this purpose for the 2014-2015 biennium.

Districts may apply for reimbursement of certification exams taken by students during the 2013-2014 school year, and the agency will reimburse the cost of each exam up to $350 per exam under the following conditions.
•    Each student must successfully complete a career and technical education (CTE) program offered by the school district in which the student is enrolled related to the certification exam or the student must be enrolled in a special education program.
•    Each student must have taken and passed the certification exam to qualify for a license or certificate prior to July 31, 2014.
•    The certification exam passed by a student must be an end of program exam included on the Performance Effectiveness Report (PER).
•    The district must have paid the fee for the examination.

Applications may be submitted beginning Monday, May 26, 2014, at 8:00 a.m. CDT. For the 2013-2014 school year, applications will be reviewed and reimbursements granted on a first-come, first-served basis until the allocated funding has been expended. Agency staff will review the process after all reimbursements have been completed and consider adjustments for future school years.

District Coordinator Instructions
1.     Carefully verify the accuracy and eligibility of all students based on the criteria listed above.  When you submit the information to TEA, you are taking responsibility for its accuracy and for the eligible status of each student.
2.     Download the 2013 Certification Exam Reimbursement Application Template attached to this correspondence.
3.    Compile information for all eligible students into the 2013 Certification Exam Reimbursement Application.
4.    Save your completed 2013 Certification Exam Reimbursement Application with a new name, following this format: [district] 2013 CTE (i.e., Alphabet ISD 2013 CTE). (This is a very important step as TEA will receive hundreds of versions of this table from districts all over the state.)
5.     Carefully organize and keep all documentation, including proof of payment by the district and verification that each student successfully completed a CTE program and took and passed the certification exam in case it is requested by TEA.

Should TEA have questions concerning your application, you will be asked to submit this documentation.  The documentation will then be required for approval.

6.     Email the completed 2013 Certification Exam Reimbursement Application (saved with the new name) to career@tea.texas.gov. Some additional requirements for this email follow:
•    Spreadsheets must be submitted through Accellion, a secure file transfer protocol. Please see http://www.tea.state.tx.us/index2.aspx?id=25769803776 for more information.
•    The email must come from the email address of the superintendent-appointed district coordinator who will be the responsible party.  This is the person taking responsibility for all information in the application.
•    The email must have the following as the subject line: [district] 2013 CTE.
•    The body of the email must contain the following statement of certification:

I, _______[name]_____________,  [title]   for _____[district name]_____, have verified the information submitted to the Texas Education Agency via this email and attached document and certify its truth and accuracy.  
Do not mail or fax the information to TEA.  Mailed or faxed applications will be returned to the sender.

7.     Watch for emailed verification of the submission within five (5) working days.  Should such verification not arrive, please contact the CTE Unit in the Curriculum Division by email at career@tea.texas.gov or by phone at (512) 463-9581.


Monica Martinez
Associate Commissioner
Standards and Programs

Attachment: 2013 Certification Exam Reimbursement Application Template