2015 T-STEM Designation

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 February 26, 2015 


SUBJECT: Texas Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (T-STEM) Designation 

The purpose of this letter is to inform school districts and open-enrollment charter schools of an upcoming opportunity to apply to participate in the college and career readiness model: T-STEM Academy Designation. Information regarding T-STEM Designation and timelines for application are provided below.

T-STEM Designation

Under the authority of Texas Education Code (TEC) §39.235 and Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §102.1093, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has developed a designation process for T-STEM Academies. The designation process identifies districts that operate T-STEM Academies by maintaining the integrity of the model, which was designed to improve instruction and academic performance in science and mathematics-related subjects at secondary schools.

In accordance with TAC §102.1093, the designation process is required for all existing and proposed     T-STEM Academies. Schools that receive the T-STEM designation will receive a number of benefits, including:

1)     Recognition as an Approved T-STEM Academy:

Schools designated by TEA as state-approved T-STEM Academies will receive various forms of media recognition including, but not limited to: identification on TEA’s website as a state-approved T-STEM Academy and recognition in press releases.  

2)     Participation in T-STEM Convenings:

Special events hosted by TEA for T-STEM Academy administrators and principals to provide input on policies and procedures that impact T-STEM Academies.    

3)     Membership in the T-STEM Network:

Opportunities are provided for principals, teachers, and students in designated T-STEM Academies to share best practices through conferences and technical assistance sessions. Membership in the T-STEM Network allows T-STEM Academies to access online exemplars, professional development, and webinars. 

4)     Access to Technical Assistance:

Designated T-STEM academies will have access to technical assistance including advice and information from a leadership coach who has successfully facilitated the design and implementation of T-STEM Academies operating in Texas (provided based on legislative appropriation).

5)     Strength of T-STEM Model:

a.      Through the designation process, TEA will recognize those T-STEM Academies that effectively incorporate T-STEM Design Blueprint elements. The designation process will enable districts and their partners to engage in the research and planning necessary to ensure that their T-STEM Academies are set up in the most effective way possible.  

b.      The T-STEM Blueprint provides a framework for T-STEM Academies to access college and career opportunities that support post secondary success.

To Apply for T-STEM Designation:

The T-STEM Designation application is available online at the following address: thetrc.org/TSTEM_2015/.

  • Applications must be submitted to TEA through the online application interface on or before Friday, April 3, 2015 at 5 pm in order to be identified as a designated T-STEM Academy during the 2015-2016 school year. The TEA will notify each applicant of its approval status to operate a designated T-STEM Academy in June 2015. 
  • Districts must complete this application each year in order to renew T-STEM Academy Designation.                                                   


Technical Assistance:

  •  The T-STEM designation application for 2015-2016 is an online, web-based application. 
  •  The technical assistance webinar is not required; however, attendance is strongly encouraged and will provide potential applicants the ability to learn how to access and navigate the online, web-based application system.
  •  A recorded version of the webinar will be available for individuals unable to attend the live webinar.




Thursday, March 12, 2015
10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Webinar Registration




T-STEM Academy Designation Overview
and Technical Assistance

The webinar provides an opportunity to learn about the T-STEM Academy designation requirements including benefits and application requirements. An overview of the online designation system will be provided.

Who Should Attend

·        Representatives of designated T-STEM Academies

·        Districts and charter schools planning on applying for T-STEM designation.

For assistance completing the application:

  • The current 91 designated T-STEM Academies may contact their T-STEM coach and should incorporate information from the self-assessment conducted in 2015.
  • New applicants may contact Stacy Avery at tstem@tea.texas.gov.




Monica Martinez
Associate Commissioner
Standards and Programs